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Detrimentum Prepare To Lay Waste To The Unicorn… Again!

Well, the time has come for DETRIMENTUM to get back on the case with shows and tours to really show people we’re ready to lay waste to the venues around the UK!

Our next show is on Friday 1st June @ The Unicorn with D-Beat Death Metal Veterans, THE ROTTED, plus support from THE ATROCITY EXHIBIT and PURE NEGATIVE – this will be a deathly, sludgy night to remember!

You should go… otherwise you might miss something… HEAVY!

We’re planning to play tracks from all three releases:

1. The Crimson Legacy
2. Pestilence Shared with the Worms
3. Scalestomeasurethemisfortuneofman
4. Odyssey Through Torment
5. The Journeyman’s Lament
6. Disillusion Ethos
7. The First Three Circles of Hell

Let us know if you’ve got any requests and we’ll see if we can put them in the next set.